Colorway Development Is Very Hard Sometimes

Colorway Development Is Very Hard Sometimes

So, I have been working away on my new Wolfwalkers collection.

I was so inspired by my inspiration photos, imagining all sorts of moody, speckled numbers, shot through with just the right amount of black. The ideas were clear in my mind, and I anticipated coming up with all of my recipes for this collection really fast. But let me tell you, it hasn't been fast.

First of all, carving out time for colorway development is always a challenge. My youngest child is in kindergarten for 2 hours and 50 minutes, 4-5 times a week. But by the time I get home from dropping him off I really only have 2.5 hours max, and it's often not quite enough time to make things happen.

Second, achieving "shot through with just the right amount of black" is not actually as easy as simply just adding bIack, because one has to plan the placement so as to avoid pooling, and make sure it doesn't force a "tonal" situation and muck up all the other colors.

Third, I kind of forgot that I am not floating a lot of the base I develop my colorways on, and so have actually had to order some more, and thus am waiting for the order.

And forth, sometimes my brain goes places it's already gone before. For example, yesterday I dyed a colorway that is very nearly identical to another colorway I came up with way back in June. I didn't realize it until things were dry, and then my brain decided to let me know that it had seen it before, so I compared recipes. Frustratingly, I used the exact same dye powders in the exact same order with the exact same method. The only things making this new one different is 0.1g extra of two of the dye powders, and a speckling of another color. I don't know if it's actually different enough, so it's back to the dye pans with that concept.

Anyhow... not complaining. Just rambling.

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