How does "Dyed To Order" work?

As of August 1st, 2020, I am offering a "dyed to order" option on a few of my more popular colorways across a number of bases. Once an order is placed, your payment will be processed. The order will be dyed as soon as possible, and then shipped according to selected method. A "dyed to order" order may take up 2-3 weeks to ship; they will very likely ship much sooner, but I would rather-under promise and over-deliver than be in a situation where I haven't met an order deadline. This option will be available on a trial basis in order to help me decide if it's a good fit for me and my business, and will be reassessed in the future.

How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped via Canada Post using the shipping method you choose during check out.  Please check out my shipping page (located under my info tab, and under "quick links" in the footer for complete shipping information.

When will my order ship?

I will do my very best to ship orders within one week. However, I do this all on my own, and sometimes life happens and things take a little longer. In the event your order is taking longer than anticipated, I will be in touch to let you know.

**As of August 1, 2020, COVID-19 is impacting shipping times for both domestic and international shipping. Please expect delays.**

For more on shipping, please click on my shipping page located under my info tab, or in the page footer.

How does vacuum sealed shipping work?

For Canadian orders, I am pleased to offer a vacuum sealed shipping option for orders of 1-2 full sized skeins. Yarn is neatly folded into a hank, and is then vacuum sealed, compressing it so that the parcel fits Canada Post's limits for oversized letter mail. Since these ship as letters, they will not have tracking available. This option is intended to offer a reduced shipping rate. 

If you require tracking, please select a different shipping method.

Vacuum packing does not change or harm the yarn in any way, it simply sucks all of the air out of it. To open your vacuum sealed package, just cut a small hole in the bag and then carefully cut off the edge, avoiding any yarn. 

Yarn will usually reach nearly full size in 1-2 hours. It will bloom to its full glory with its first wash (because we all block everything, right?).

Do you offer local pick-up?

I do currently offer local, contactless pick-up for customers in the Calgary area; please select this option at check-out. If you meant to select this, but forgot, shoot me an email and I'll get it sorted out for you!

I was cart-jacked!!! 

Unfortunately, my sales platform does not prevent cart-jacking (when an item in your cart disappears when you reach check-out). Sorry!

What do you use to dye your yarns?

I use professional grade acid dyes to dye my yarns. Heat and food grade citric acid is used to set the dyes, and in some cases, salt may be added to the dye baths. Yarns are left in the dye bath until dyes are fully exhausted. After dyeing, yarn is rinsed clean with plain water, and is then given a soak with a small amount of wool wash to recondition the fibres.

How will my yarn knit up?

The nature of hand-dyed yarns means that there will be variations from skein to skein even if the skeins were dyed in the same dye bath, and there may be slight variations in tone from batch to batch. If you are planning a project using multiple skeins, like a sweater, I recommend alternating skeins. And, if you are curious about what your yarn might look like, an online tool that I like is Planned Pooling (https://plannedpooling.com), though it works best for variegated yarns with a regular/repeating dye pattern.

My yarn looks a little different than the photo. What gives?

I am 100% not a photographer. I try to take reasonably good photos, and do my best to ensure photos are a fair representation of the colors as they are in person. Occasionally what I can capture with the camera is different to what my eye sees. When this happens, I try adjust the photo as best as I can to match the colorway in real life. I do my best to make sure to leave notes in the item's listing indicating if there are any notable differences between what I see and what is pictured (ie. photo is overly warm, etc.). Additionally, screens and devices display colors differently, and may not accurately represent the colors. If you have any questions about colorways, please contact me at brine.dyeworks@gmail.com

How do I care for my yarns?

I recommend washing all projects made with my yarn by hand, in cool water, using a gentle product specifically made for washing woollens. Lay flat to dry.

Please note:  All efforts are made to ensure wash fastness, but many factors beyond my control such as water acidity or alkalinity, hard water, water temperature, detergent ingredients, etc. can cause dyes to bleed, despite being exhausted during the dyeing process, and rinsed clean following dyeing. If you are planning a colorwork project, I strongly recommend making and wet blocking a swatch prior to starting your project.

Do you sell wholesale?

If you are a small business and are interested in wholesale possibilities, please send me an email at brine.dyeworks@gmail.com to discuss!

Do you do custom orders?

I do not do orders for custom colorways at this point in time. If you are interested in purchasing a larger quantity of a collection colorway, please send me an email at brine.dyeworks@gmail.com to discuss.

Do you do collaborations?

If you are a designer and have an idea that you would like to bring to life using Brine Dyeworks yarn, or if you are an artist creating related products who would like to collaborate, please send an email with details of your idea to brine.dyeworks@gmail.com

Have a question that you don't see here? Please send and email to brine.dyeworks@gmail.com or use my contact page!