Hello there!
I'm Charity, the dyer behind Brine Dyeworks. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my husband and our two kids. I like cooking, baking, hiking and gardening. I like yoga and knitting. I'm an introverted extrovert, if that makes sense. I used to cook professionally for years and years. I left the kitchen to pursue other interests and to start a family. 
In July of 2019 I took a yarn painting class at my local yarn shop, where I created two skeins of "interesting" (read: kind of ugly) yarn. I came home from that class with ideas for yarn colors in my head and promptly fell down the rabbit hole. I watched all of the videos on YouTube that mentioned dyeing yarn. I checked out all of the yarn dyeing books from my local library, and I ordered myself some bare yarn, some acid dye samples, and a respirator. I had this idea that I would just create a few skeins... you know, for projects I have in my Ravelry queue. Somehow "a few" multiplied, and here I am with a mountain of yarn and the desire to keep dyeing and exploring this craft. It feels like magic to me, and the challenge of bringing my ideas to life is absolutely exhilarating!
When it came time to choose a name for this little adventure, my mind immediately went to pickles. In general, a lot of the processes I use for dyeing yarn are reminiscent of pickle-making and brining (use of acid, heat, and salt). I guess you can take the girl out of the kitchen, but you can't take the kitchen out of the girl!