Collection: Frostad Bulky

This base is from Frostad Farms, which is located here in Alberta, about 4 ½ hours drive north from me (yes, Canadians measure distance between locations in time, haha). It is made from 100% untreated Finn wool, which is soft-spun into a bulky weight 3 Ply yarn at a local mill, Custom Woolen Mills. It is soft and lofty, with an inherent sheen. It has a long staple length, which also gives it a bit of strength. You will find small bits of vegetation in the yarn; I think this adds a wonderful rustic quality. You may also have a knot in your skein. This is how it comes from the mill, and is considered normal.

Please note:

Given that this is a single breed "Farm to Needle" yarn, rather than one purchased through a mill, availability is subject to availability from the farm.

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