Base Spotlight: Frostad Bulky

Base Spotlight: Frostad Bulky

Whether you are new to crafting, or are a well-seasoned knitter or crocheter, fibre content, yarn weights, and base names can be totally confusing and intimidating! I want to take the time to spotlight each of the bases I carry, talk about why I like it, and give some project ideas for each one.

First up, is my Frostad Bulky base.

About This Yarn

This base is 100% untreated Finn wool. It comes from the happy Finn sheep raised by Frostad Farms, and is milled at Custom Woolen Mills, both of which are located here in Alberta!

Finn wool has a long staple length, and is soft and lofty with an inherent sheen. This base is a soft-spun 3 Ply with approximately 137m (149 yds) per 112g skein, which puts it at the light end of bulky weight. Soft spun has the appearance of single ply. It is very light and airy, which makes projects that use it very warm. Additionally, this wool takes the dye beautifully, allowing for deep, saturated colors; the construction of the yarn and the fact that it is untreated fibre means that colorways are more blended and have a bit of a watercolor effect, rather than showcasing crisp speckling and abrupt shifts in hue. 

Things to note: You will likely find small bits of vegetation (VM) in the yarn; I think this adds a wonderful rustic quality. You may also have a knot in your hank. This is how it comes from the mill, and is considered normal. 

 Why I Chose This Yarn Base 

Honestly, I think this base chose me!

In early 2022 when Frostad Farms reached out and asked me if I wanted to try the yarn, it was as if the stars had aligned! I jumped at the chance for the following reasons:

  • I love, love, love rustic yarns. I love it when they smell of lanolin, and have a little bit of VM in them. 
  • I love non-superwash, woolen spun yarns! Most of the bulky yarns available to me through my suppliers are made from conventional superwash treated wool, and most are worsted spun, so this yarn was an exciting opportunity to offer something different.
  • I had just discovered the Pattern Knits Advent KALendar Blanket pattern (it's no secret that I love it), and was investigating different bulky bases to use to make it. The Frostad Base seemed perfect!
  • Finally, I loved the idea of adding another "farm to needle" base to my line up. Bonus points for being breed specific, and even more bonus point for being local to me. I am keen to support my local fibreshed and to contribute to rural agricultural economies. I like being able to put a face to the farm behind the yarn, and I like being able to connect you with that!


Project Ideas

I'm definitely biased here, but I think you can use this base for any bulky weight project. Here are a few of my favorites:

a pair of nearly completed handknit mittens using bulky yarn

Speedy Selbu Mittens by Skeindeer Knits I have made these a couple of times now! For me, it's a quick and satisfying pattern to work up, perfect for gift giving!

Man Hat by Haven Ashley   This one is free on Ravelry, and has over 8,000 completed projects!

Spruce Grouse Hat by Katie Herrod The revamp of this pattern was a collaboration between Brine Dyeworks and Katie. I think the yarn and the pattern are the perfect pair; the yarn helps to highlight the stitch pattern and vice versa!

a variety of stranded colorwork, handknit blanket squares, knit using Frostad Bulky yarn base in a variety of colors

Advent KALendar Blanket by Annah Homebird I could wax poetic about this blanket, but will save you here. This blanket can be knit in any weight, but I think the Frostad Bulky is perfect!

I think you could also do something like the Tofino Cardigan by Good Night, Day or Sweater No.6 by My Favourite Things, but would probably need to swatch and play around with needle size to get gauge.


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