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Tiny Tastes: Yarn Samples!

Tiny Tastes: Yarn Samples!

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The cost covers preparation, packaging, and postage (there is no additional shipping charge). It can be bought alone or with your order!

Are you planning a larger project, but are unsure which base to choose?

Grab a handy, bite-sized sample of some of my bases, which I have put together so you can feel, and touch, and even sniff the yarny goodness! Some people with yarn sensitivities may find it helpful to tuck the sample into a waistband or bra-strap and "wear" it for a few hours to check for reactions. Each sample is 1-3 yds... think of it like a paint swatch, except not for color, just for feel. 

Tiny Tastes are available on all current bases:

Lace: Mohair/Silk Lace

Sock/ Fingering: Eco Sock, Organic Merino Fingering, BFL Fingering, 75/25 Merino Sock, Merino  4 Ply, Highland 4 Ply, and Revolution 1 Ply 

Sport/ DK: Organic Merino Sport, Merino DK 8 Ply, Highland DK, and Revolution 2 Ply

Worsted/ Aran: Organic Merino Worsted, BFL Worsted, Merino Worsted 8 Ply, Merino Worsted, Highland Worsted, and Revolution 3 Ply

Bulky: Frostad Bulky

Base info here.

Colours will vary, but I will pop the colorway names on the cards! 


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