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Bare Yarn: Chocolate Brown Finn Bulky

Bare Yarn: Chocolate Brown Finn Bulky

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100% untreated Finn wool; sourced from Frostad Farms, AB; soft spun 3-ply (has the appearance of a single ply); approximately 137m (149 yds)/ 112g (4 oz); bulky weight; (formerly called "Frostad Bulky"). 

The yarn is spun at Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, AB. Finn fleece is soft and lofty, with an inherent sheen. It has a long staple length, which adds a bit of strength. You will find small bits of vegetation in the yarn, and may have a knot or two in your skein. This is how it comes from the mill, and is considered normal. 

Listed yardage is a guideline for determining yarn weight, but because the yarn is woolen spun, you may find you can knit at a significantly smaller or larger gauge than with a "worsted spun" yarn of the same weight, and that your finished fabric behaves differently than worsted spun yarns. Swatching will help you figure out what gauge you like best!

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