Sweater Quantity Ordering

Here's how it works:

1.  Decide which colorway you’d like to order. At present, colorway selection is limited to those from my Song Of The Sea collection: Connor, Na Daoine Sidhe, Mac Lir, Ben Dives, Sea and Sky, Selkie, Be Brave, Saoirse Searches, Tír na nÓg, and Macha. Regular sweater quantity ordering will resume once this collection has been dyed.

Song Of The Sea Colorways in skeins, knit into a faded swatch, and small hex swatches, along with colorway names

2.  Choose your base.  Base information is located here. These bases are on their way out of the base line-up, and as such, are limited. Quantities will be updated as requests are processed, and all requests are treated as first come, first served. If possible, please provide a back up choice.

Available bases:

Merino Singles ($32 each): 100% superwash treated Merino wool; single ply; 400yds (365m)/100g; fingering weight; 15 skeins available

Merino DK 8-Ply ($32 each): 100% superwash Merino wool; 8-Ply cabled construction; 274yds (250m)/100g; heavy sport/ light DK weight; 14 skeins available

Merino Worsted 8-Ply ($32 each): 100% superwash Merino wool; 8-Ply cabled construction; 218yds (199m)/100g; worsted weight; 33 skeins available

Untreated Merino 4 Ply ($30 each): 100% untreated Merino wool; this yarn has 2 ends but is classed as a 4-ply; 436 yds (398m)/100g; fingering weight; 26 skeins available

Untreated Merino Worsted ($30 each): 100% untreated Merino wool; 4-Ply; 218 yds (199m)/100g; 12 skeins available

Highland DK ($30 each): 100% untreated Peruvian Highland wool; 4-Ply; 246 yds (224m)/100g; DK weight; 19 skeins available

Highland Worsted ($30 each): 100% untreated Peruvian Highland wool; 4-Ply; 218 yds (199m)/100g; worsted weight; 48 skeins available

Revolution 1 Ply ($32 each): 100% untreated Canadian wool (mainly Dorset); single ply; 430 yds (393m)/110g; fingering weight; 4 skeins available

Revolution 2 Ply ($32 each): 100% untreated Canadian wool (mainly Dorset); 2-Ply; 270 yds (246m)/110g; DK weight; 20 skeins available

Revolution 3 Ply ($32 each)100% untreated Canadian wool (mainly Dorset); 3-Ply; 180 yds (164m)/110g; worsted weight; 20 skeins available

All prices are in Canadian Currency.

3.  Complete the form below with a detailed request for your Sweater Quantity order. This needs to include the colorway(s), the quantities, the base. Sweater Quantity orders need to include a minimum of three (3) 100g skeins in the same colorway. I'm happy to help you figure out what you need and provide support for your sweater planning!

4.  I will respond to your request within 48 hours via email letting you know that I have received your request, answering any questions you may have, and confirming details. (If you have not heard from me within 48 hours, please check your junk folder).  I will then create a listing for your order using your first name (example: Sweater Quantity For Bob), and I will email you a link to the listing so that you may add it to your cart, choose shipping, and purchase as per usual. If a listing goes unpurchased for seven days following the date I create it, the order will be cancelled and the listing will be deleted.


  • Please familiarize yourself with the base you would like choose before placing your order. Superwash treated yarns behave differently than their untreated counterparts both in the dye bath, knitted up into fabric, and in terms of care. Dye jobs vary drastically across bases based on fiber content and yarn construction. If you have any questions about your base, please, please let me know, I am happy to help you, and want you to love the yarn you choose. 

  • Sweater Quantity orders are dyed to order following receipt of payment, and may take several weeks to ship. I will give you an estimated ship date when I receive your request.

  • Please take the time to review my shipping and returns and refunds policies before placing your order. Shipping, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Unless a mistake has been made in the preparation of your order, all sales are final.