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  1. food.
    "filling the freezer with all kinds of nosh"

  1. to snack; to eat food enthusiastically or greedily.
    "there are several restaurants, so you can nosh to your heart's content"

For 2024's yarn club, I'll be drawing inspiration from the sweet and savory things I like to eat and cook, and all of the things that I wish I were eating!


NOSH is a mystery yarn club... well, semi-mystery yarn club. Listings will go live on the first of each month (exception, January), and colorway reveals will be on or around the 15th of each month, the idea here being that the people who like mysteries can order without seeing the final colorway and those who prefer not being surprised can jump on board mid-month once the reveal is posted.

NOSH will be dyed on my Eco Sock base, which is 80% Eco-Processed Organic Merino, 20% Global Standard Recycled Nylon and is great for all sorts of projects, from socks to shawls to light-sweaters. Available options may differ from month to month, for example, one month may have only 115g skeins available, while others may also have sock sets or mini skein sets. My goal is to have fun exploring colors inspired by my theme, and to play with different dye processes without feeling locked into one particular format.

Quarterly, I will open up a preorder for the previous 3 month's colorways on other bases, such as my untreated BFL bases. (Example, the colorways from January, February, and March will open for preorder on bases other than Eco Sock at the end of March.

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