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Brine Dyeworks

NOSH February

NOSH February

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For February, my inspiration is Maguro Maki (aka tuna rolls). I have been loving tuna lately, and am properly obsessed with these crispy tempura nori chip things that I found at my local grocery store. I felt like tuna rolls kind of bring these two things I've been noshin' on together. 

For those that are curious: the main color this month will be inspired by yaki nori, and the contrast color by the tuna. Yes, I do realize I already have a colorway in my regular lineup called Nori; I'm aiming for something in the same vein, but I'll be taking it way darker.


  • This month's offerings will include 115g skeins of the main colorway, as well as a sock set option consisting of 115g of the main colorway, and a 25g contrasting mini. Both options will be dyed on my Eco Sock base.
  • February's colorways will be offered on other bases in a pre-order at the end of March, along with the January and March colorways.
  • Yarn will be dyed in small batches throughout the month. Estimated turnaround time on orders is 2-3 weeks from the time the order is received until yarn ships. If ordered with ready to ship yarn, all yarn will ship once the club yarn is ready to go.

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