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80% eco-processed organic Merino wool, 20% Global Standard recycled nylon; 3-Ply; fingering weight; mini skeins have 25g/83m (91 yd)

This certified organic Merino wool base is "eco-processed". This is a non-conventional superwash treatment that does not use chlorine, employs natural salts as an oxidization agent, and uses less resources. It is anti-felt and anti-shrink, and is IMO/GOTS certified.

Perfect for socks, shawls, light sweaters, and summer tops. This base is bright white when undyed and colorways dyed on this base will have a cool undertone. It dyes up vibrantly with crisp speckles. Dyes strike rapidly, and semi-solid and tonal colorways will display more variation in hue/tone than nylon-free and untreated bases. Recycled nylon adds strength, and eco-processing (a non-conventional method of superwash treatment) adds easy washability. As a general rule, you may notice pilling with merino fibres. Treated fibres are generally less suitable for techniques such as cables and colorwork than their untreated counterparts.

Wool is imported from Europe and spun in Canada.

Some colorways are also available in full sized skeins here .

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