VEG: May
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VEG: May

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And it's spring! Well, not exactly, as this is a presale... I'm just going to ignore the fresh snow outside my window and go with it. 

May's colorway will be inspired by radishes. I disliked this veggie for most of my life, only coming around to them a few years ago. Pretty much every spring I would be wooed by their pretty colors and would give them a try again, until one time they finally clicked with my palate. Anyhow, now I love how they look and how they taste. They're one of my favorites for the garden because of the short amount of time from seed to maturation (the close as you gan get to instant gratification with a root veggie). 

This is a pre-sale listing. This listing will remain live until April 9th, or until it sells out, whichever comes first. Yarn for this pre-sale will ship out mid-April.

If you order other yarn with this club, it will all ship together once the clubs are dyed, dried, and ready to go.

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