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Saskatoon Berry Pi(e) Sock Set

Saskatoon Berry Pi(e) Sock Set

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I didn’t think I was going to be able to make a Pi(e) Day Sock Set happen, but at the last minute, things came together!

In honor of Pi Day (March 14), I've baked up a beautiful Saskatoon Berry Pi(e) sock set for you! If you've been around for a minute, you know I am a huge fan of variegated colorways that combine purples and browns. The main colorway plays into that theme with colors reminiscent of baked saskatoon berries*, and juice-stained flaky, golden pastry. 

For the contrast color, I've tried to capture the gorgeousness of saskatoon berry skins. (Random, the skin of the berry is called the "exocarp"... who knew?).

This sock set contains the following:

115g/ 420yds Saskatoon Berry Pi(e)

25g/ 91yds Exocarp

Both are dyed on my Eco Sock base, which is 80% eco-processed Merino wool, 20% Global Standard recycled nylon. More base info here.


*What's a Saskatoon berry? Well, it's sometimes called a service berry or a june berry. They're native to North America, and grow in abundance near where I grew up. 

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