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Brine Dyeworks

Out Of The Woods Sock Set

Out Of The Woods Sock Set

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Brine Dyeworks x Design By Sew And Sew: Spring 2022 Collaboration

When Ashley of Design By Sew And Sew asked if I wanted to collaborate on this sock design, I jumped at the chance! I mean, how could I say "no thanks" when they're so cute!?! I was lucky enough to get to test knit the pattern, and highly recommend. There were several new-to-me design elements: folded cuff, Estonian Buttons, Dutch heel; all of these are do-able for adventurous beginners, or for those of us looking to expand our repertoire of sockable skills. Check out the pattern on Ravelry! 

Sock sets are dyed on my new Eco-Sock base (80% Eco-treated* organic merino wool, 20% Global Standard recycled nylon); approx 420yds/115g

*Eco-treated refers to the superwash treatment process; this yarn is treated using gentle, environmentally friendly methods rather than conventional superwash treatment.

Two color options are available!

Option A) 115g/420yds Nori MC, 25g/yds Cloud CC

Option B) 115g/420yds Cloud MC, 25g/91yds Nori CC


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