Be Brave
Be Brave
Be Brave
Be Brave
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Be Brave

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Inspired by the stone people on the way to Macha's, who caution Ben, and tell him to be brave. From afar, this reads as grey, but up close you can see the shifts in hue, from slightly purple, to beige, to green, to blue.


Base Info:

75/25 Merino Sock: 75% superwash treated Merino wool, 25% nylon; 4-Ply; 463 yds/100g; light fingering weight

Eco Sock: 80% eco-processed organic Merino wool, 20% Global Standard recycled nylon; 3-Ply; 420yds/115g; fingering weight

Organic Merino Fingering: 100% eco-processed organic Merino wool; 2-Ply; 420yds/115g; fingering weight

Organic Merino Sport: 100% eco-processed organic Merino wool; 3-Ply; 280yds/115g; sport weight

Organic Merino Worsted: 100% eco-processed organic Merino wool; 4-Ply; 210yds/115g; worsted weight

BFL Sport: 100% untreated Blue Faced Leicester wool; 3-Ply; 280yds/115g; sport weight

BFL Worsted: 100% untreated Blue Faced Leicester wool; 4-Ply; 210yds/115g; worsted weight

Mohair/Silk Lace: 70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk; 1 ply; 476yds/50g; lace weight

This colorway is also available as a sweater quantity order on a several other bases with limited amounts. 


The nature of hand-dyed yarn is that each and every skein is unique, even if dyed in the same pan. If you are making a project using multiple skeins of the same colorway, alternating skeins is highly recommendedPhotos have been adjusted to accurately depict colors to the best of my ability. Please note, different screens and devices may make colors appear differently than in person. Yarn is dyed using professional grade acid dyes. After dyeing, yarn is throughly rinsed and soaked in cool water with a lanolin-based wool wash before being dried and packed up for you.

Every effort has been made to ensure colorways are wash-fast, however, you may observe a small amount of bleeding in your wash water due to water temperature, pH, and mineral content, and type of detergent used.

Please gently hand-wash or soak your finished objects in cool water with a wool wash of your choosing, and block or lay flat to dry. 

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