The theme for 2022 is Mineral!

Minerals are naturally occurring, solid inorganic substances. Which means they don't come from animal or plant matter, and instead are made from chemical elements that cannot be broken down any further.

Fascinating stuff, right?

Actually, I just love all the pretty colors, and I felt like in was the perfect choice following 2021's vegetable inspired club.

This year's club will work a little differently than last year's club; I asked you all if you prefer surprises or if you prefer to see colorways before purchasing. The responses were split, of course, but the majority of you prefer to know what you're getting into, so instead of being strictly a mystery yarn thing, Mineral will be a Color of the Month club. Inspiration photos will be revealed on the first of each month, and the colorway will be revealed on the 15th. You will be able to purchase the colorway for the entire month, and will have the choice of two bases: 75/25 Merino Sock, and Highland 4-Ply.

Inspiration will be following a predetermined schedule. I wanted this collection to result in a cohesive set, where each month's colorway coordinates with the colorways preceding and following it, and there is a logical flow over the course of the year. This means you can plan out your projects in advance. FYI: the collection is going to result in a rainbow!!

January: Rose Quartz

February: Amethyst

March: Bornite (Peacock Ore)

April: Sapphire

May: Turquoise

June: Malachite

July: Apophyllite

August: Rutile

September: Amber

October: Ruby

November: Erythrite

December: Rainbow Obsidian


A few other details: 

Color of the Month will be dyed in small batches throughout the month. Turn around will be fast, but your order may take several days before shipping.

This club will be offered as a complete collection via preorder in November. Offerings at that point will include a set of twelve 20g mini skeins, a set of twelve 50g skeins, and a set of twelve 100g skeins.