Collection: Color Theory Club

I did not plan on doing a yarn club this year, but sometimes interests collide. This club is now complete. Any overflow from this club is listed below, and is ready to ship.

The Details


  • Way back in the middle of 2021, Covid-19 caused a ton of supply chain issues, and the dye blends I was getting from my suppliers were affected. I wanted to figure out a way to gain a bit of control, and stumbled upon triad dyeing, meaning dyeing using only the primary colors. I started experimenting, dyed 11 colors, and then got distracted and half forgot about it. Nearly two years later, I decided to dive back into this project, and turned my experiments into a yarn club.
  • I dyed up yarn using only primary colors and black, and will be working my way through a color triangle based on the Tobais Mayer model, which dates back to 1758!
  • The color triangle model I worked with allows for 66 hues, so I worked in groups of 6 colors . Each grouping is something of a curated fade, with the exception of the 10th group (two each leaning towards yellow, cyan, and magenta), and the 11th group (the murky middle)! Following this, I dyed a 12th group: a "gray-dient", using just black dye in different concentrations. Check out the photos for each listing to see how things dyed up! 
  • My intention was to create fairly even, semi-solid colorways. 
  • All prices are shown in CAD.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email at